In Velo Veritas

06/16/2019, 2170 Poysdorf im Weinviertel
In Velo Veritas
In Velo Veritas is a cycling tour without timekeeping on classic racing bikes. There are no racing bikes allowed until 1987/88 without click pedals and paddles on the handlebars. Rahen after 1987/88 are also accepted if the wheels and equipment comply with the regulations. The wheels are checked for compliance with the rules as part of the start number issue.
start time result list   Distance
10:00 am 70 km 70km
08:00 am 140 km 140km
06:00 am 210 km 210km
06:00 am without a competition, continue to the... 1m
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2170 Poysdorf im Weinviertel
Sunday, 06/16/2019
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